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Frequently Asked Questions


Click the Questions below to reveal the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions you would like addressed, please click here.




What is the LBJ Express project and how will it be different from the current LBJ?

What are the start and completion dates for the LBJ Express?

What incentives are in place to finish construction early?

How many new lanes will be built?

What precautions will be taken to minimize traffic delays?

Will this project improve safety along the corridor?

What are managed lanes and how are they different than a toll road?

How much will tolls cost?

Is there a cap on the tolls?

What will the toll segments be?

Can LBJIG charge whatever they want for tolls?

Will I have to pay a toll to drive on the LBJ Express?

How will I know if I will receive an HOV discount?

Why are my tax dollars going to toll roads?

How long would it take to rebuild the LBJ Express without private funding?

What steps will be taken to protect the environment?

TXDOT recently demolished several buildings at I-635 and Josey. Why and what will happen to this land?

Will trees be removed along the project and how will you minimize the effects?

What will be done about construction and traffic noise?

How will I know about detours and delays during construction?

Who is building LBJ Express?

What else can you tell me about the LBJ Infrastructure Group?

How much will LBJ Infrastructure Group invest in the LBJ Express project?

How will using a public-private partnership to build the LBJ benefit the region?

What is a Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA)?

How can I share my comments and questions?

Who owns this road?

Who will provide oversight of the project?

Will the quality of this road be less than that of a TXDOT maintained road?

The original design capacity of the LBJ Freeway was 180,000 vehicles per day, what is the capacity of the new design?

Are trucks carrying hazardous materials allowed on the TEXpress Lanes?

Why is an east-west DART line not a part of this project?

What happens to my info when I sign up for your e-updates?

How will bikes be accommodated on the LBJ Express Project?

Will White Rock Creek Trail remain open?

How does the success of other transportation projects in which Cintra is involved affect the financial viability of the LBJ Express?

Do we need to worry about whether or not the LBJ Express will be completed?

What assurances are in place to protect the state of Texas, taxpayers and local communities?

What situations or circumstances could cause the developer of the LBJ Express to default on the project?

What is the large building @ 635 and Webb Chapel?

LBJ Infrastructure Group
4545 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX 75244

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