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About LBJ Infrastructure Group


LBJ Infrastructure Group (LBJIG) is led by Cintra US, a world leader in private-sector development of transportation infrastructure, and Meridiam Infrastructure, a global public-private partnership investor and developer of public facilities. LBJIG also includes the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System. The contractor for the project is Trinity Infrastructure, a collaboration between Ferrovial Agroman and Texas-based Webber. The LBJIG firms together employ more than 2,000 Texans and will integrate more than 100 other Texas companies and their employees into the project. 

Here is what LBJIG will bring to North Texas.


Traffic Relief — the LBJ Express will:

  • Nearly double the capacity on LBJ Freeway
  • Retain and rebuild same number of current freeway lanes
  • Add up to six new express managed toll lanes on I-635 and four on I-35
  • Accommodate future population growth for next three decades

Mobility Choices — the LBJ Express will:

  • Enable drivers to select freeway lanes for short or non-urgent trips
  • Guarantee fast 50 mph trip on LBJ Express managed toll lanes
  • Deliver real-time traffic information to help drivers make smart decisions
  • Empower drivers to get where they want, when they want

Community Commitment — the LBJ Express will:

  • Expand 17 miles of congested roadway by 2016
  • Boost the local economy with employment and contracting opportunities
  • Minimize disruptions during construction
  • Enhance business access with continuous frontage roads
  • Cultivate open communication with neighbors and drivers
  • Improve quality of life for families and businesses


Thank you for your interest in the new LBJ Express.








LBJ Infrastructure Group
4545 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX 75244

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